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your bespoke blockchain
your bespoke blockchain

Companies wishing to improve their level of efficiency and innovation in a transparent and secure way, need a valid blockchain system to ensure the secure register of their transactions, which is immutable and irreversible.
These companies find in CodeX a solid, rigorous and reliable guide to orient themselves in a blockchain environment.

Logistics, finance, construction, health care, insurance, public services, retail, fashion, technology and more – with CodeX there are no limits for the application of blockchain protocols.

With its core and specialist high-profile consulting services, CodeX supports the client company from a sartorial point of view. It goes through a targeted phase of analysis, study and research, taking into account the product sector and the organisational dimension of the customer. This enables the identification of calibrated and customized solutions, which offer an effective and optimised access to the ‘chain of blocks’.

The blockchain is the way of the future – CodeX is ready now to advise you on your technological, legal and marketing issues.

Let’s discover the blockchain

The blockchain is the latest generation technology which allows the creation of a decentralised digital database or archive, that records and tracks transactions and information, making them immutable on a variety of blocks connected to the network.

It is a public register for the management of data related to the existing transactions in the blocks. It is managed by encryption of the participants in the network, which verifies, approves and subsequently registers, all the blocks, data and transactions on every node.

There are no centralised control subjects as in a classical system, but network nodes referenced by all the participants in the network itself, which is a formula of freedom for the growth of companies.

Blockchain is not simply a technology, but a philosophy that transforms business thinking and modifies the way of organising activities.
It is part of the process of digitising companies and represents a substantial change, just like the one that came about 20 years ago, with the advent of the Internet. No company can do without having a functioning Blockchain system – CodeX can provide it now!


The security of the archive, visible to everyone, expresses the maximum transparency of the business activities as it prevents subsequent interventions that can distort or manipulate the historical data.


Each operation carried out must be confirmed automatically by each individual node, through a management software that verifies a predetermined package of data. This generates an archive of unique information, certain over time and safe in the origin, which is linked in such a way that it is  unalterable.


Each block contains information relating to a series of transactions initiated in the network and validated.
The insertion in the block cannot be altered or changed in any way.
In order to change, damage or destroy a block, it would be necessary to violate all copies of the ledger owned by each blockchain participant simultaneously.


Control and verification are carried out automatically through the variety of nodes placed on the network. There is no centralised control system (with a single archive manager), but a distribution over several control centres (nodes), all positioned at the same hierarchical level without any dominance.

Time’s up, let’s block!



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