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When it comes to traditional databases, the blockchain supports a completely different paradigm. For the first time in computing history, we have a datastore in which we can have absolute certainty about a data item’s creation date and can be absolutely certain that the item has not been modified. How can we integrate the power of blockchain into databases?

Databases have been around for an awfully long time and while there have been a few major revolutions – such as the emergence of the relational database and the subsequent NoSQL counter-revolution – from a developer’s standpoint, database operations have stayed pretty much the same.

Typically, an application creates a data record, reads it back, possibly updates it and eventually deletes it. This Create-Read-Update-Delete cycle has been given the convenient acronym of “CRUD”. CRUD illustrates the transitory nature of database storage – data is created, modified and deleted. Updates destroy old versions of data and once deleted, database records are (unless we completely restore an old version of the database) gone forever.


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