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How Blockchain Technology Market will Generate Huge Revenue Opportunities?
In terms of industry vertical, the banking, financial services, and insurance segment held the leading share of 41% in the global blockchain technology market in 2017. The segment will gain further impetus following the introduction of bitcoin. “Rampantly increasing cyber-attacks and frauds in the BFSI industry accounts for millions of dollars. This has become a global concern. To make the technology used in the industry safer and more secure, Deloitte and Microsoft Azure and other tech giants are offering blockchain services,” said a lead analyst.
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Revitalising Loyalty Programs Using Blockchain
While the state of play may look a little bleak, the good news is that there is lots of scope for innovation. A business that can offer personalised, hassle-free loyalty experiences and help their customers reach redemption targets will have a competitive advantage over those still stuck in the past.